Rulers and Officers of the Royal Arch in Warwickshire

E. Comp. John L. Saint M.E. Grand Superintendent

E. Comp. John L. Saint, Grand Superintendent

2013-09-21 JFRH cropped

 E. Comp. John F. R. Handley,Deputy Grand Superintendent

P Wheeler & P Huckle robe short

E. Comp. Paul J Wheeler, Second Provincial Grand Principal
and E. Comp. Peter G Huckle, Third Provincial Grand Principal.


The Secretariat

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E. Comp. Philip Gough, Provincial Grand Scribe E.

 E Comp Nick H Shaw Prov Assistant Grand Scribe E E Comp Nigel J Hawkins Prov Grand Treasurer

E. Comp. Nick H. Shaw, Asst. Prov. Grand Scribe E. and
E. Comp. Nigel J. Hawkins,  Provincial Grand Treasurer


Satchwell & Ditchfield H&S (800x532)

 E. Comp. David J. Satchwell, Provincial Grand Charity Steward
and E. Comp. Fred Ditchfield, Provincial Grand Almoner

 M Burman GSN 2 (532x800) D Cooke SwdB (533x800)

E. Comps. Michael Burman, Prov. Grand Scribe N., Allan Nelmes, Prov. Grand Registrar
and Dewi Cooke, Prov. Grand Sword Bearer


The Sojourners

Bill Silvester 2  Barry Page 2  David Graham Asst Soj

E. Comp. Bill Silvester, Provincial Grand Soj. with 1st Asst Soj., E. Comp. Barry Page
and 2nd Asst. Sojourner E. Comp. David Graham


The Standard Bearers

      R Pebody   D Pettifor StdB

E. Comps. Roy Pebody and David Pettifor, 
Provincial Grand Standard Bearers


Directors of Ceremonies

Prov GRAND CHAPTER 010 comp DJS1

E. Comp. David J. Shakeshaft,
Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies 

    E Comp David G Richardson Provincial Asst Grand DC  T Siddall DepDC (2)

 E. Comp. David G. Richardson and E. Comp. Trevor Siddall
Provincial Deputy Grand Directors of Ceremonies 

D Allan ADC 2 (532x800) R Edge ADC short (532x800)

E.Comp David Allan and E. Comp. Richard Edge,
Prov. Asst. Grand Directors of Ceremonies. 

The Provincial Grand Stewards

    S Mingo Stwd  G Walker Stwd (532x800)  Robin Thorne Stwd

 E. Comps. Steve Mingo, Geoff Walker
and Jonathon Thorne


The Provincial Grand Janitor and Provincial Grand Organist

E Comp Neil Murray Prov Grand Janitor E Comp David Driver Prov Grand Organist

E. Comp. Neil Murray and E. Comp. David Driver

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