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Recruitment and Retention

posted on 17 April 2017


E.Comp Philip Gough, Deputy Grand Superintendent

As we all know we have experienced a considerable decline in the number of Masons for a number of years and recruitment and retention in both Craft and the Royal Arch is a key issue on which we need to focus.

Last week, at Temperance Chapter No.739, the members, visitors and visiting Provincial Officers, welcomed Richard Greenhill, PGSoj, AsstMetGSupt, who gave an interesting and thought provoking talk on his experiences as the Area of London Project Leader for Recruitment and Retention.

The scale of things in London is difficult to grasp – there are 39,000 Craft masons and 13,000 Royal Arch Masons! A transcript of Richard’s talk will be received soon and will be considered by the Grand Superintendent’s Executive Committee. One important factor related to the successful use of blue-table evenings where master masons who are judged as good potential candidates are invited to a Royal Arch festive board. These are not simply ad-hoc affairs and the Province will consider various options before promulgating further details to Chapters so that they might gain benefits from the idea.

Well done to the MEZ of Temperance, E Comp John Cowan, who arranged Richard’s visit.

E Comp Philip Gough

Deputy Grand Superintendent