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A New Year Message

posted on 05 January 2017


MEGS Philip Hall

Companions, I trust that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and feel well set for a most enjoyable and active year as a member of our fantastic order.

So, what of the New Year? At my Investiture back in November I stressed that I want Exaltation to be an aspiration of every freemason rather than just another order to join and that becoming a freemason involves four steps, not three. In that desire I know that the Craft Rulers are fully supportive and my hope is that when a candidate for initiation is interviewed that those undertaking that discussion outline those four steps and establish an expectation from day one.

Our ceremony of Exaltation is truly remarkable and the evening is one which I know will never be forgotten by the candidate. I want to help make the evening as special as possible and so in the future whenever there is such a ceremony then, wherever possible, either myself, my Deputy or the Second or Third Principal will attend at our own expense so as to welcome the candidate into the Province. The Province exists for the sole benefit of the many chapters and companions within it and I feel that this change helps demonstrate that to those joining us.

I am delighted that E Comp Philip Gough, Deputy Grand Superintendent has already attended 4 exaltations, including Temperance Chapter in December, to welcome new Companions. I know that each have been notable meetings, and I am hugely encouraged that Temperance Chapter has several candidates in the pipeline. I will be visiting Alma Mater Chapter on the 9th January to welcome their new Companion and I hope to be able to visit many more Chapters throughout 2017 for this reason.

This change does mean that there will be some amendment in the representation of the Province at Installation Meetings, but I am sure you will understand the reasons for that and indeed enjoy this changed focus. Can I please ask that Chapter Scribe E's liaise as early as possible with E Comp David Graham, Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra when you have a candidate so as to ensure that we can provide such representation.

To help make 2017 a vibrant year for our Province can I also ask that, whenever you can, you help spread the word of the changes we are introducing. The Province has both Twitter and Facebook pages which I would encourage you to 'follow' and to 'retweet' and 'share' content. That will have a great impact in creating social-media traction and I hope add to the aspiration for all freemasons to be Royal Arch companions. If you are interested then I also have my own Facebook and Twitter pages, the latter @philhall43 and I would be delighted for you to 'follow' me too.

A gentle reminder that the Principals and Past Principals Dinner will be taking place on the 26th January at The Kings Norton Golf Club. The format will be a little different this year with a fun light quiz replacing the previous Q&A session. If you are a Principal or Past Principal, then do please try and attend and ideally make up a team from your Chapter.

Happy 2017 to all.

Sincerely and fraternally, Philip Hall