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Investiture of the New ME Grand Superintendent

posted on 24 November 2016

Supreme Grand Chapter

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over Warwickshire, E Comp Philip L Hall

Friday 18 November 2016 the setting of the Trafalgar Suite of the National Conference Centre and a backdrop of a reproduction of William Clarkson Stansfield's depiction of the Battle from which the suite takes its name seemed very apt as the Grand Director of Ceremonies, E Comp Oliver Lodge, briefed the assembled Provincial Officers and Companions who were to form the escort to our new Most Excellent Grand Superintendent in and over Warwickshire, E Comp Philip L Hall. Though there was no signal that 'England expects every man to do his duty', it was very clear that much was expected, that this was a very special day in the history of Warwickshire and that all were to play their part in making it so.

It was therefore with enormous pleasure to all that shortly after 12 noon and to rapturous applause that our new ME Grand Superintendent retired from Provincial Grand Chapter after a superb and meaningful installation conducted with great skill and panache by ME Companion Russell Race, the Second Grand Principal and his team.

Having been invested the new MEGS then proceeded to reinvest E Comps Paul J Wheeler and J David Evans as Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals respectively and then invested E Comp Philip Gough as the new Deputy Grand Superintendent.

Special mention also went to E Comp David Graham, the Provincial Scribe Ezra and E Comp David J Shakeshaft, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies for all their great work and significant contributions to make the investiture such a success.

In his address to all those assembled the new MEGS reflected on his being the 15th Grand Superintendent in the Province and that whilst protocol dictated that his predecessor E Comp John L Saint was not in attendance he wanted to pay him a very warm tribute for his unstinting and outstanding service during his ten years as the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent. He also reflected his pleasure at being joined by E Comp Richard Wallis, himself a former ME Grand Superintendent in and over Warwickshire.

As Nelson at Trafalgar needed Capt Harvey and the Temeraire to secure victory so does every ME Grand Superintendent need an outstanding Deputy and enormous credit was given to the retiring Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp John F R Handley for all his hard work over many years and in leading the organisation of such a wonderful Installation event.

As a mark of Victory over 200 Companions then lunched together in the Imperial Suite, kind words and gifts were exchanged between the ME Grand Superintendent, the ME Second Grand Principal and the Installation Team and all departed to reflect upon a great day for Warwickshire.