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General Chapter of Instruction Festival 2016 – Wednesday 20th April 2016

posted on 22 April 2016


The GCOI Principals with E Comp David Butterworth

The General Chapter of Instruction Festival at Atherstone welcomed as President for this year E Comp Peter A Taylor, the ME Grand Superintendent of the Province of Shropshire who was accompanied by Companions from his Provincial Executive. They joined over 80 Warwickshire Companions and everyone had a wonderful night of companionship and really enjoyed their visit.

The Festival was as usual a demonstration of the Warwickshire working of the ceremony of Exaltation, by Companions of the Province below the rank of Chapter Principal, all of whom were drawn from several different Chapters. The demonstration was a splendid event and all who participated were warmly congratulated by the President who was very impressed with the high standard of the demonstration.

The ME Grand Superintendent, E Comp John L Saint stated that he was very proud of the standard of ritual demonstrated and thanked the Companions of the Province who participated and the GCOI Preceptors for their excellent work.

E Comp David Butterworth, CM, P.G.St.B., Past ProvGJ, the GCOI Preceptor, said that he was delighted at the performance of his team and thanked and congratulated everyone who took part. After 22 years in office, E Comp David has retired as the GCOI Preceptor and handed over to E Comp Mark Phillips of Fletcher Chapter No 1031, who is well known for his outstanding ritual demonstrated at this annual meeting.

At the Festive Board at The Red Lion Hotel the dinner was excellent with enormous Steak and Ale Puddings that proved a challenge to some Companions. E Comp Wade Dimitri of St Michaels Chapter proposed the Toast to the President in a fine manner to which the President responded in a humorous but sincere manner.

Finally, the thanks of everyone must go to the participants whose effort and commitment to learn the ceremonies enabled an exemplar performance which will be long remembered.

E Comp Peter A Taylor ME Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of Shropshire