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General Chapter of Instruction Festival - 20th April 2016

posted on 22 February 2016


E. Comp. Peter A Taylor, M.E. Grand Superintendent, Shropshire

One of the most popular Provincial events in the Provincial Calendar, the annual General Chapter of Instruction Festival, will again be hosted at Atherstone Masonic Temple on Wednesday 20th April 2016 commencing at 5.30pm. Applications forms are available for downloaded HERE and will also be sent to all Chapter Scribe Es for distribution to Companions.

All Warwickshire Companions, especially Chapter Principals and recent Exaltees, are encouraged to support this event and the Festival will again demonstrate the Warwickshire Exaltation ceremony. The President this year will be E. Comp. Peter A Taylor, M.E. Grand Superintendent in and over Shropshire.

The Festival is a demonstration of the Warwickshire working of the ceremony of Exaltation, by Companions of the Province below the rank of Chapter Principal, all of whom are drawn from several different Chapters. It is important that the participants are Companions and all MEZs are therefore requested to personally support the event and encourage those Companions below the Principal Chairs to attend. It is hoped that support by Companions of the Province will be at its usual high level.

Dinner will be served at a cost of £25.00 inclusive of wines. Applications should be made on the slip attached to the Application form which can be downloaded HERE or can be made to the Scribe E, E. Comp Kelvin Johnson on Email: kelvinjohnson@supanet.com.

Directions to the venue and Car-Parks can be downloaded HERE.

Places are limited so early booking is recommended.