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General Chapter of Instruction Wednesday 18 April

posted on 07 March 2018


E Comp John L Saint Past Grand Superintendent

The Masonic Hall in Atherstone sees a return visit in more ways than one this coming April. Firstly we are delighted that this excellent room will, once more, be the venue for the General Chapter of Instruction which under the direction of E Comp Mark Philips is sure to see ritual of the very highest standard. Secondly the Festival President will be E Comp John L Saint Past Grand Superintendent in and over Warwickshire and it will be wonderful for all to see him take his place in the Chapter and give his thoughts and wisdom on the evening.

The demonstration provides an unparalleled opportunity for all Companions and most especially Chapter Principals and recent Exaltees to enhance their understanding of the ceremony with the 'Setting the Scene' commentary being used so as to aid greater insight.

This year's meeting will take place at the Atherstone Memorial Hall on Wednesday 18 April at 5.30pm. Places are limited so please book early and support the Team who have worked so hard for the evening.

The cost of dinner is £26, including wine and applications should be made on the slip attached which can be downloaded HERE or by email contacting the Scribe E, E.Comp Kelvin Johnson.

Directions to the venues and Car Parks can be downloaded HERE

Photo from last years G.C.O.I Held in the Masonic Hall in Atherstone