Exaltation Support Team

Exaltation Support TeamThe Most Excellent Grand Superintendent is keen to support chapters whenever they have a candidate for Exaltation. He has committed to ensure that one of the Chains will attend Exaltation meetings (at their own expense) to provide support and encouragement to both the Chapter and the Exaltee.

Further to this, it is recognised that some Chapters may have difficulty in putting together a team to perform an Exaltation. To this end he has asked me to organise an Exaltation Support Team. The Exaltation Support Team is intended to be a group of Companions who are prepared and able to support Chapters by taking an active role in the Ceremony of Exaltation where the Chapter is unable to form a team from within its own membership.

The load on any individual should not be onerous as it is hoped there will be sufficient of us to spread the work around equitably.

If you are interested in volunteering your services in this role, please register by completing the form at this link.