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  • Apollo Royal Arch Chapter No. 301
  • 3rd Wednesday February, October
  • 4th Tuesday June
  • Athelstan Royal Arch Chapter No. 1333
  • 3rd Monday May, July
  • 2nd Tuesday September

  • Peace and Harmony Royal Arch Chapter No. 3929
  • 1st Tuesday November, May

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  • Chapter of St Alphege and Charity No. 1431
  • 3rd Tuesday January, March, September, November

  • Yenton Royal Arch Chapter No. 3484
  • 3rd Thursday February, April, October, December

  • Alchemy Royal Arch Chapter No. 3950
  • 3rd Thursday March, May, September, November

  • Warwickshire First Principals’ RA Chapter No. 4538
  • 2nd Monday May
  • 3rd Saturday September

  • Faith and Hope RA Chapter No. 4772
  • 3rd Monday February, May, October

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  • Walmley St John Royal Arch Chapter No. 6504
  • 2nd Monday February, April, October, December

  • Provincial Grand Stewards RA Chapter No. 9253
  • 3rd Monday June, December

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  • Temperance RA Chapter No. 739
  • 1st Wednesday February, April, October, December

  • Fortior Royal Arch Chapter No. 6172
  • 3rd Thursday February, April, October, December

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Telephone: 0121 554 1586
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  • Fortitude RA Chapter No. 43
  • 2nd Tuesday February, April, October

  • Athol RA Chapter No. 74
  • 3rd Monday September, November, February, April

  • Leigh RA Chapter No. 887
  • 1st Friday February, October, December
  • 3rd Friday April

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  • Israel RA Chapter No. 1474
  • 3rd Monday March
  • 3rd Tuesday May
  • 1st Tuesday September

  • Fidelity RA Chapter No. 3708
  • 2nd Saturday January, March, November
  • 1st Saturday September

  • St. Martins Royal Arch Chapter No. 4011
  • 2nd Wednesday January, March, September, November
  • Concord Royal Arch Chapter No. 3239
  • 3rd Wednesday February, April, October, December

Telephone: 01675 62196
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  • Trinity Royal Arch Chapter No. 254
  • 3rd Tuesday February, October, December

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  • St Michael’s Royal Arch Chapter No. 1630
  • 2nd Tuesday February, May, November

  • Coventry Foundation Royal Arch Chapter No. 4543
  • 3rd Monday January, March, September, November

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  • Stivichall Royal Arch Chapter No. 5799
  • 3rd Tuesday January, March, November
  • 1st Tuesday October
  • London Warwickshire Chapter No. 3846
  • 1st Monday February, November
  • 1st Thursday May
  • Guy’s Royal Arch Chapter No. 395
  • 4th Monday February, April, October

  • Stoneleigh Royal Arch Chapter No. 725
  • 3rd Tuesday February, April, October, December

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  • Abbey Royal Arch Chapter No. 432
  • 2nd Monday February, April, October, December

  • Bedeword Royal Arch Chapter No. 7274
  • 3rd Wednesday January, March, September, November

Telephone: 024 7638 2177
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  • St Augustine’s RA Chapter No. 3713
  • Last Wednesday February, April, October
  • 2nd Wednesday December
  • Rectitude Royal Arch Chapter No. 502
  • 3rd Thursday February, April, October
  • 1st Thursday December

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  • Composite Royal Arch Chapter No. 5727
  • 2nd Thursday January, March, May, November

Telephone: 01788 542357
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  • Grosvenor RA Chapter No. 938
  • 1st Wednesday January, March, May, November

  • Fletcher Royal Arch Chapter No. 1031
  • 3rd Tuesday February, May, October
  • 2nd Thursday December

  • Archimedes Royal Arch Chapter No. 3802
  • 1st Thursday January, March, September, November

  • Forest of Arden Royal Arch Chapter No. 3826
  • 1st Tuesday February, April, October, December

  • St Andrew RA Chapter No. 4056
  • 3rd Tuesday February, April, November

  • Doric RA Chapter No. 4167
  • 1st Monday February, July, November

  • Knowle Royal Arch Chapter No. 8001
  • 3rd Tuesday January, September, November

  • Junior Chamber Royal Arch Chapter No. 8902
  • 4th Thursday February, June, July

  • Ex Cathedra RA Chapter No. 9229
  • 4th Wednesday May, June
  • 4th Thursday October

Holy Well Royal Arch Chapter No. 9437

3rd Tuesday January, March, September, November

  • Swan of Avon Royal Arch Chapter No. 2133
  • 3rd Tuesday January, March, September, November

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  • Priors Royal Arch Chapter No. 8265
  • 3rd Wednesday March
  • 4th Wednesday May
  • 3rd Thursday September

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  • Vesey Royal Arch Chapter No. 794
  • 1st Friday February, May, October, December

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  • Elkington RA Chapter No. 1016
  • 3rd Thursday March, May, October

  • Holte RA Chapter No. 1246
  • 2nd Tuesday February, April, November, December

  • Amity Royal Arch Chapter No. 3845
  • 4th Thursday January, February, April, October

Telephone: 0121 354 4905
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  • Guy’s Cliffe Royal Arch Chapter No. 8874
  • 2nd Monday April, June, October

Telephone: 01926 495063
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  • Shakespeare Royal Arch Chapter No. 284
  • 4th Thursday February, November
  • 3rd Thursday May
  • 2nd Thursday September

  • Greville Royal Arch Chapter No. 4773
  • 1st Thursday February, April, October, November

  • St Barbara Royal Arch Chapter No. 4930
  • Last Friday February, April, September, November

  • St. Mary’s Royal Arch Chapter No. 7244
  • 3rd Wednesday May, June, September

Telephone: 01926 492286
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