August 2019

  • The Travelling Loving Cup

    One of the great new initiatives announced by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. Philip Hall, at the Annual Convocation was the introduction of the ‘Travelling Loving Cup’.  As the… Read More

  • Grand Superintendent’s Address – Annual Convocation July 6th 2019

    A very good morning to you all once again and may I say how pleasing it is to see so many here to celebrate this special day in the life… Read More

  • TLC in action

    To some, TLC may mean Tender Loving Care, to others Thamesdown Ladies Choir (to your humble correspondent at least); however, to the Companions of Warwickshire, it will hopefully mean the… Read More

  • Shakespeare Chapter at it again!

    The welcome from the Companions of Shakespeare Chapter, a very friendly Chapter meeting in Warwick, is always very warm. Their recent meeting fell on what apparently was the hottest day… Read More

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Freemasonry is not a quasi political or religious organisation, but a means of enhancing our commitment to our social, moral and lawful duties, and our faith in a Supreme Being. The Order of the Holy Royal Arch is the climax of Pure and Antient Freemasonry. Read More

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