May 2019

  • Annual Convocation

    As ever the year seems to be flying by and it will soon be time to once again enjoy our Annual Convocation which will be held at the Warwickshire College,… Read More

  • A second night out

    Having enjoyed the hospitality of Fortitude at Severn Street, as your correspondent, I was pleased to travel a little further afield to Warwick and to Shakespeare Chapter.  Whilst it boasts… Read More

  • From our Correspondent – Once More

    It is perhaps very apt that the oldest Chapter in the Province should meet in the suitably aged surroundings and refined atmosphere of Severn Street. The Chapter was consecrated back… Read More

  • Charity – many thanks and keep up the good work

    So we all happily turn up to our Chapter Meetings with something in our wallets to put towards the charity collection and we fill in the back of an envelope… Read More

About Us

Freemasonry is not a quasi political or religious organisation, but a means of enhancing our commitment to our social, moral and lawful duties, and our faith in a Supreme Being. The Order of the Holy Royal Arch is the climax of Pure and Antient Freemasonry. Read More

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