Warwickshire RA Benevolent Fund

The Provincial Grand Chapter of Warwickshire Benevolent Fund has been granted Charity status – No.1099086 and has Inland Revenue approval for tax reclamation on gift-aided donations (see How to give)

The Constitution of the fund delegates its Management to a Committee comprising:

  • The Grand Superintendent
  • The Deputy Grand Superintendent
  • The Second and Third Provincial Grand Principals
  • The Provincial Scribes E and N
  • The Provincial Grand Almoner (and Secretary of the Fund)
  • The Provincial Grand Charity Steward

plus two further Companions nominated by the Grand Superintendent
currently E Comp Eddie Warren and E Comp Paul F Weston.

The Trustees of the Fund are currently E Comps Paul J Wheeler, Eddie Warren, Paul F Weston and David J Satchwell.

The Aims of the Fund are to raise monies to assist:

  • Needy Companions and dependents
  • National Masonic Charities
  • Non-masonic Charities throughout Warwickshire

How to give

Donations can be made either by Chapters giving part of their usual charity collections, or by Companions individually.

If individuals wish to give, it would be much appreciated if a gift aid form could accompany the donation. These forms are obtainable either from the Provincial Almoner or from the Chapter Scribes. The Gift Aid Declaration can be downloaded from this website.

All donations should be sent to the Provincial Charity Steward:

David J Satchwell

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