Instructions for Scribe Es

1. Summonses

A Summons for every Convocation must be sent to:

  • The ME Grand Superintendent
  • The Provincial Grand Scribe E

For Installation Convocations only, whether they are attending or not, to:

  • The Deputy Grand Superintendent
  • The Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

Details for all these Officers will not be posted on this website but can be found in the Warwickshire Year Book hard copy, or memory stick.

2. Returns

The various returns required by Supreme Grand Chapter and Provincial Grand Chapter must be attended to promptly and returned by the date indicated.

3. Changes in Chapter Membership

To ensure that the Provincial Records are kept up to date the Provincial Scribe E. must be notified of all changes in Chapter membership details by reason of resignation, death, election to honorary membership, change of address and telephone number, etc as soon as possible after these events occur.

In order to assist you download this form here Change of Details form

Whilst forms for this purpose can be downloaded from the Scribes Corner of the Provincial Website, changes can be notified to the ProvGSE by email, if preferable. E Comp David Graham Provincial Grand Scribe E:

4. Provincial Honours

Chapter Scribe Es should notify the Provincial Grand Scribe E of Provincial Honours in other Provinces received by members of their Chapters.

In order to assist you download this form here Change of Details form

5. Annual Return (AR1)

This is an annual return based on the Chapters’ accounting year and is used to establish dues owing to Supreme Grand Chapter. You will receive the form directly from SGC and should note any changes on it. It should be sent to the Provincial Grand Scribe E within one month of the date shown together with a cheque for the amount requested, payable to "SGC".

SGC have introduced an electronic system for Annual Returns, where the forms will be sent to Scribes E. by email. This will be extended during the forthcoming year and full details will be advised over time.

6. Installation Return (LP & A4)

This is an annual return based on installation date used by Supreme Grand Chapter to record details of current Principals, Scribe E, Treasurer, Charity Steward and Almoner. It is also the Return of Principals used to establish eligibility to attend Supreme Grand Chapter. This form should be completed and returned directly to London. The Provincial Grand Scribe E. does NOT require a copy.

All returns to Supreme Grand Chapter should be addressed to:

The Grand Scribe E
Freemasons’ Hall
60 Great Queen

7. Registration Form P

A supply is sent out annually to Scribes E from Supreme Grand Chapter. Further copies can be obtained from the Provincial Grand Scribe E. Please note that the new style forms include a section giving occupation of the candidate. The use of the old style forms should noe be discountinued.

Please note that this occupation (if any) and the date of raising must be detailed on a summons issued before any candidate may be submitted to a ballot.

This form is used to document all proposals for new members, and must initially be signed by the Proposer and Seconder. Immediately after the meeting at which the new member was exalted or joined, the details of that meeting should be added, and the form must be signed by the MEZ and Scribe E.

This should be sent directly to the Prov.G.S.E., with the appropriate registration fee (this only applies to Exaltees), which for 2017 -2018 is £28.00 plus VAT a total of £33.60.

A COPY without any fees should be sent to:

The Provincial Registrations Manager
E Comp Allan W Nelmes
12 The Downs,
West Midlands

A copy should be retained for the Chapter Records.

8. Annual Membership Return

This is sent to Scribes before the Chapter’s Annual Installation Meeting. It comprises the current list of members in each Chapter as held by the Provincial Records. This form must be returned to the Provincial Database Manager urgently. Any additions or subtractions should be made and the form returned as soon as possible. The information received validates the Provincial Dues for the Chapter (including exaltation fees). An invoice for these fees will be sent directly to the Treasurer once the SGC Annual Return has been finalised.

9. Installation Return (PAR1)

This is sent to Scribes electronically by the Provincial Scribe E when advising details of the Provincial Principals attending the Installation. A completed copy should be returned to the Provincial Grand Scribe E immediately following the Installation. A copy of your existing yearbook entry is supplied at the same time to be edited and returned.