Royal Arch Representatives

The Freemason who is interested in cementing his knowledge of True and Ancient Freemasonry by being exalted into a Royal Arch Chapter, has many opportunities to obtain information, guidance and help with his application.

Nearly all Lodges in Warwickshire have a well known Brother nominated to be the Lodge Representative for the Royal Arch. His name is usually shown on the Lodge summons and he generally reports on Royal Arch business, at Lodge Meetings, when called upon. He is an experienced Companion, well able to answer any queries that a potential member may have, and encourage him in his ambitions. He may also suggest an appropriate Chapter to join and will arrange for a proposer and seconder.

Every Companion, however, can be said to represent the Royal Arch. They are ready, able and willing to offer advice and guidance to potential members, and act as proposers and seconders for those brethren known to them. They are easily recognised in our Lodge meetings because they wear the Royal Arch Jewel pendent from a narrow ribbon on the left breast. Junior Companions are identified by a white ribbon, and more senior ones by a red or tri-coloured ribbon.

The main Officers of the Province are also to be seen frequently at meetings in other Orders and welcome an approach from Freemasons who want to learn more about the Royal Arch.

The annual meeting of the Lodge Representatives will be held at Stirling Road in  November 2014 and will again coincide with the Service of Remembrance which everyone can attend.

Over recent years a different approach has been taken to try and maximise the opportunity for direct feedback from the Representatives, and after a brief welcome by the ME Grand Superintendent the 50 attendees were allocated into a smaller “workshop” group, hosted by a senior member of the Province. This provided a much greater opportunity for everyone to contribute their views on the matters being considered and that they wished to discuss.  The intention will be to repeat this formulae and encourage feedback from the Lodge Representatives.

The discussions can be wide ranging and will enable the views of the Lodge Representatives to be listened to on their role, the level of support required from Provincial Grand Chapter etc.  It will also give the opportunity to share ideas and initiatives which may have been successful in promoting the Royal Arch and recruiting members.

So, it is hoped that this will be another successful and fruitful meeting which attendees find enjoyable and provides the opportunity to bring together many views on the Royal Arch and help to guide its future development.

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