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A Proper Thank You

posted on 13 May 2017


A Proper Thank You

Though our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E Comp Philip Hall was able to express thanks to his predecessor, E Comp John Saint, at his Investiture protocol and convention dictated that E Comp John was not at that special meeting. A collection well supported by Companions and Chapters allowed the MEGS to use the May meeting of the Warwickshire First Principals Chapter as an opportunity to express a proper 'thank you' to Past MEGS E Comp John Saint who, being described as a 'man who likes gadgets' was presented with a Dash Camera (needed after recent accidents) and a cheque by MEGS E Comp Philip Hall.

Hopefully this will allow him to fulfil his future Masonic commitments in safety.

An excellent and informative lecture by E Comp Jeremy Malin titled 'Why did Cyrus let them go?' rounded off a super evening for all.