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MEGS Musings – Spring 2017

posted on 17 April 2017


MEGS Philip Hall MEGS Musings – Spring 2017

As the weather turns warmer it is so pleasing to see the spring flowers ablaze with colour, the leaves on trees showing that vibrant green of early spring and the gentle song of the birds celebrating the start of new life.

This seems in contrast to the traditional season of masonic meetings as it starts to draw to its close. It also seems appropriate that I choose this time to reflect on the last 6 months since my investiture and the wonderful support and encouragement I have received.

Those six months have certainly flown-by.

When I agreed to the appointment as Grand Superintendent back in August ‘16 I immediately started thinking about what we as a Province could do differently and the temptation to make sweeping changes was quite compelling. Fortunately, I had a few months to consider the role before my investiture and to appreciate a true understanding of what the previous administration had been working towards. It became clear that evolution not revolution was the sensible route to go and with that a gentler path could be taken. Some changes were necessary immediately because of my personal circumstances in that they were different to my predecessor’s.

Working full time demanded a rethink on the time commitment I could give without damaging my business and yet still giving the required support to the Province and its Chapters. The consequence was the different teams presiding at Installations which has worked very well and enabled many past 2nd and 3rd Provincial Principals to rekindle their involvement in the Province and support the rulers. One past 3rd PGP recently emailed me to thank me saying he was having ‘great fun’. We have also significantly developed the lines of communication utilising email tools to contact companions directly be they acting Provincial officers, Grand Officers or Companions all. The support given to the Chapters by the acting officers and officers of the year has been nothing short of outstanding and I hope this trend will continue as we move into the next season.

Support at Exaltations

See picture 1 below.

Another change as I hope many have now experienced is the attendance of one of the Provincial executive at Exaltations. Personally, I have found these to be great fun, and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to support the Chapter and the candidate on these special nights. I’ve also taken the opportunity to present the 3 part ‘Setting the Scene’ readings within the chapter and encouraged the Principal Sojourner or Janitor to deliver the similar readings to the candidate. These readings have met with universal acclaim and help the candidate, and indeed all companions, to understand the context of the various parts of the ceremony.

In March my own mother-Chapter, Loyal Travellers, returned its charter to Supreme Grand Chapter. This was a difficult decision reached by the companions of the chapter as the Chapter was not on its knees having half a dozen keen companions yet to progress through the Principals chairs. The decision did, however, exhibit realism and pragmatism in its conclusion and was the right way forward for the Companions. The result will be a maintenance of our close friendship and companionship as most companions have applied to join Athol Chapter. This will in turn swell Athol’s numbers and create opportunities for a more fun and engaging Royal Arch experience for all. The final meeting of Loyal Travellers Chapter was a bitter-sweet event, sensitively handled by the DepGSupt and the ProvGDC as the charter was returned.

The whole night was a special and moving experience for all. It was enhanced by both the brief history of the chapter given by E Comp Mike Perrot and the reminiscing of the E Comp David Macey as he recalled many of the colourful Past Zerubbabels that had graced the Chapter over its lifetime.

Thanks also to E Comp Mike for the cake!

See picture 2 below.

Warwickshire Royal Arch currently has around a third of the Craft numbers, which in rough figures means some 2600 Warwickshire Craft masons are yet to take their final step on their masonic journey into the spiritual and colourful world of Royal Arch masonry. These numbers are in fact most pleasing as we must therefore all know a member or two from our Craft lodges who would enjoy the RA experience if we could encourage them to join. We must all take responsibility for this and not leave it to the RA Rep in the Lodge. The Province are also keen to help and we are at the embryonic stage of planning a Royal Arch Roadshow, likely to be in early 2018, which is intended to be a presentation to Brethren to help explain the fun, colour, splendour and fulfilment to be gained from membership of Royal Arch to those yet to join.

I am massively encouraged to hear from Chapters in Rugby and Knowle that they have a succession of candidates in the pipeline – it looks like the ‘Chains’ are going to be busy!

As plans are being finalised for the Provincial Annual Convocation at Warwickshire College on the 8th July we can all look forward to a very happy meeting. Please put the date in your diaries now and keep an eye open for the calling notice that will be sent out before the end of April.

Keep smiling…


Support at Exaltations Thanks also to E Comp Mike for the cake!