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Provincial Officers’ Supper Party

posted on 07 September 2014

Chapter Social

Three well known Companions enjoying the evening!

The Annual Supper Party for the incoming and outgoing Acting Provincial Officers and their Partners was again held at Stirling Road, on Thursday 28th August 2014, once again maintaining the tradition that, early in the season, the M.E. Grand Superintendent hosts a Supper Party to which all Provincial Officers who have represented the Province in the previous year together with those appointed and promoted at the Annual Convocation, are invited to attend with their partners. This was a good opportunity to meet the other Companions and their partners in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

Everybody enjoyed a lovely evening and were pleased with the Italian themed Supper. The ME Grand Superintendent E Comp John Saint said ” I was delighted to have the opportunity of meeting with the Officers and their partners at such a convivial Supper event and am sure that everyone found it a very enjoyable event.”

John and Elaine Handley David Satchwell with his wife Angela Allan Nelmes and Mrs Brenda Nelmes David and Mrs Diane Griffiths