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Principals Dinner (aka PrinDinn) January 2017

posted on 07 February 2017


Companions enjoy a pre dinner drink and chat

The Kings Norton Golf Club again opened its doors to the Principals and Past Principals of Warwickshire. Around 150 companions braved a cold January night to support our new MEGS, EComp Phil Hall, on this important night in the life of our Province and his first since his installation as our MEGS. As in previous years, having welcomed everyone, he congratulated those Chapters with the greatest number of Principals, giving them – as in the best traditions – in reverse order. In joint third were Charity Chapter and Fortior Chapter with 7; Leigh Chapter was second with 9 but in first place was Forest of Arden Chapter with a splendid 12 companions who all managed to squeeze on to one table.

After a splendid meal, the MEGS rose to address the room – a précis of his address can be found in a concurrent article.

The MEGS continued the tradition of his predecessors by announcing the major appointments, which will be made at the Annual Convocation (aka AnnCon) on Saturday 8th July that will again be held at the Rugby College. He will be pleased to reappoint EComp Phil Gough as Deputy Grand Superintendent. After three years of exemplary service as Provincial Grand Haggai, EComp Paul Wheeler will be standing down. The MEGS will be pleased to appoint EComp John Emms of Leigh Chapter as the new Second Provincial Grand Principal and on this occasion the MEGS will also be pleased to reappoint EComp David Evans as Third Provincial Grand Principal so that he might continue his work in developing an education and development strategy.

Following the meal, customary formalities and appropriate thanks to organisers E Comp David Graham, Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra and E Comp Gary Evans the Prov Asst Grand Scribe Ezra, EComp Peter Sorrill was invited to start the quiz, assuring everyone that it would not just be a quiz about the Royal Arch or indeed Freemasonry but questions of general knowledge would be included. A certain EComp Geoff Walker was heard to suggest that their table would be able to take it easy, as they had none other than EComp NTM with them. EComp Peter proceeded to wander around the room, asking his questions amid more than a little head scratching. The answers were then given, the results collated, and if that wasn’t exciting enough, we had a three-way tie!! Three tables had scored an impressive 25 points, which let to a sudden-death question. Whilst NTM’s table was one of those three tables, it was the Forest of Arden Chapter table that ruled supreme and the winners were all rewarded with that little something that every discerning Warwickshire Royal Arch mason needs – a Provincial handkerchief!

The MEGS rose to thank EComp Peter for putting together the quiz. He then thanked all present for coming, adding that he was looking forward to seeing everyone in their own Chapters wearing that most important thing – a smile! The Deputy Grand Superintendent then proposed a vote of thanks to the MEGS for such a splendid evening, adding that the change of style of the evening was all the MEGS’s initiative. The companions received this with acclaim before heading home after another most enjoyable evening spent in convivial company.

You can't come in here without a tie Prov G.D.C., E Comp David Shakeshaft is clearly confident he knows the answer to Question Master Peter Sorrill's toughest challenges The winning team Forest of Arden Chapter,  just to prove that the many heads make light work