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Five of Nine Club - Beyond the Craft Event

posted on 17 January 2017


E.Comp David Evans joins with brethren from other orders

At his investiture last November the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E.Comp Philip Hall outlined his desire that exaltation into the Holy Royal Arch should be an aspiration of every Freemason. If we are to achieve that then awareness of the Royal Arch and its special place within Freemasonry has to be understood.

With that aim in mind on a rather wet and cold January day E.Comp David Evans, Past Grand Standard Bearer, 3rd Provincial Grand Principal received a warm welcome to the 'Five of Nine Club's' 'Beyond the Craft' event held in the comfortable surroundings of the St Paul's Club in Birmingham. This was an opportunity for several orders to explain themselves, allowing them to give an insight on what those orders can show us as we progress in Freemasonry. E.Comp David gave an excellent presentation generating real engagement, a high level of interest and great questions. At the post event drinks there were many 'I am looking at joining the Royal Arch' comments - a real positive.

The day also demonstrated the value of us all being able to explain the basic elements of the Royal Arch to our friends who are not members building engagement and interest. Our website includes a great deal of information which can help - please refer to What is Royal Arch

E.Comp David Evans joins with brethren from other orders. Five of Nine Club Chairman W.Bro Dan Thomas is in the centre of the photo - the young one not wearing regalia!

If you have not yet read or heard of this club it is for new and young Freemasons in Warwickshire, it was launched formally at last year's Provincial Grand Lodge meeting under the Presidency of our own Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and is thriving with 80 members already. A visit to their website at fiveofnineclub.org.uk is very worthwhile.

E.Comp David Evans in earnest presentation Five of Nine Club