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Talking Heads, the Next Step

posted on 28 September 2016


Talking Heads, the Next Step

On Tuesday 18th October 2016, at the second regular meeting of Orion Lodge at the Yenton Assembly Rooms, our new home, E Companion David Evans, the Third Provincial Grand Principal of Warwickshire will give a presentation entitled “Talking Heads, the next Step”.

This is an informative presentation aimed at those brethren who have completed or are about to complete their Third Degree Ceremony and would like to know more about Royal Arch Masonry and the Completion of the Third Degree.

We do hope that you will be able to join us on this occasion especially any Entered Apprentices, Fellow Craft and Master Masons that have not yet made a commitment to Royal Arch Masonry and of course any of you who are already Royal Arch Masons are equally welcome.

As Orion Lodge does not have a Royal Arch Chapter attached we are not trying to recruit prospective candidates for any particular Chapter but we aim to provide brethren with information, no matter which Royal Arch Chapter they might eventually join.

Please contact W.Bro. Rod Burlton, Secretary Orion Lodge No. 4993, at if you would like to receive a summons, Rod Burlton, P.Prov. S.N. ( Worcs) Secretary Orion Lodge No. 4993.