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Provincial Grand Chapter of Warwickshire

posted on 12 July 2016


Provincial Grand Chapter of Warwickshire

It was a damp start on Saturday 9th July 2016 Warwickshire College, Rugby Warwickshire but this did not deter the Royal Arch Companions from the Province of Warwickshire and other Provinces arriving for the 152nd Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter. The Ancon team had worked hard to transform a school and sports hall into an exceptionally high standard meeting venue for the Warwickshire Annual Convocation and it looked really good.

The proceedings opened with the customary processions into the Convocation under the direction of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, E Comp David Shakeshaft. First, the distinguished guests followed by the Deputy Grand Superintendent entered and then the visiting Grand Superintendents, over twenty of them, processed in followed by the Provincial Grand Sword Bearer leading the ME Grand Superintendent together with the Provincial Second and Third Grand Principals.

Provincial Grand Chapter having been opened, the Provincial Third Grand Principal. E Comp Fredrick G Ditchfield read the Obituary list and led the Companions in solemn prayer.

The ME Grand Superintendent, E Comp John L Saint then welcomed the distinguished guests. During the following normal business the Provincial Grand Scribe E, E Comp Philip Gough presented his report together with the Provincial Grand Registrar, E Comp Martin H Bloomer.

E.Comp Nigel J Hawkins the Provincial Grand Treasurer presented his report following which he was re-elected as Provincial Grand Treasurer. The ME Grand Superintendent then re-appointed E Comp John F R Handley as Deputy Grand Superintendent and E Comp Paul Wheeler as Second Provincial Grand Principal.

He also announced that he had appointed E Comp J David Evans to succeed E Comp Fred Ditchfield as Third Grand Principal. E Comp David was then presented, obligated and invested as Provincial Third Grand Principal.

The ME Grand Superintendent then proceeded to appoint and invest his officers for the year including E Comp David R Graham as Provincial Grand Scribe E in succession to E Comp Phil Gough. He then went on to reappoint and appoint the remainder of his acting Provincial Grand Officers and made 37 promotions in Past Rank, together with 19 first appointments to Past Provincial Grand Rank.

The ME Grand Superintendent then addressed Provincial Grand Chapter and gave a summary of the activities during the past year. He then surprised E.Comp R Michael lrving by presenting him with his Certificate of Merit recognising the enormous contribution he had made to the Province through his Charity work and leadership of the Provincial Choir.

The M E Grand Superintendent then further surprised the Companions when he announced that it was his intention to step down as ME Grand Superintendent in the Autumn and he received a very warm standing ovation from the Companions present in recognition of his ten years service as MEGS. His successor and the date of the Investiture would be announced over time.

Provincial Grand Chapter was then closed in peace and harmony and 180 Companions later dined in continuing harmony at the Festive board and went home with good memories of a very warm but wonderful day.

Provincial Grand Chapter Banners Preparing for the Ancon 2016 The ME Grand Superintendent, E Comp John L Saint