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Royal Arch Chapter Almoners’ Conference 2016

posted on 28 January 2016


Royal Arch Chapter Almoner

"The future change in the role of the Chapter Almoner".

The Almoners’ Conferences led by the Provincial Grand Almoner, E. Comp David Mander were held at the Yenton Assembly Rooms , Erdington, and Coventry Masonic Hall, in January and were attended by representatives from a number of Chapters.

The M E Grand Superintendent was keen to discuss with the senior members of all Chapters in the Province, and particularly those with a caring role, the difficulties affecting the Holy Royal Arch and the Craft in terms of the attraction of new members, and perhaps more importantly the retention of members, particularly following the advice of any resignation.

E. Comp David made a PowerPoint presentation outlining the background to the suggested change in focus which was then followed by an open forum for discussion and questions. One of the main topics was the possible change/enlargement of the Almoner’s role to include such matters as mentoring of new members and a more proactive general care of Companions, notably when there have been absences in attendance of their Chapter.

After lively feedback sessions the ME Grand Superintendent expressed his wish that Almoners consider a change in their role and to prepare an action plan for the future.

A copy of the Power Point presentation can be downloaded HERE.