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Almoners’ Conference at Coventry

posted on 23 January 2016


E.Comp. David C. Mander, Provincial Grand Almoner

The first of the Almoners' Conferences was held at Coventry on Tuesday 12th January with a good attendance by Companions representing their Chapter but unfortunately not many Almoners?

E Comp David Mander. the Provincial Grand Almoner, in a PowerPoint Presentation, gave an explanation and the back ground to the change in the Chapter Almoner's role that the ME Grand Superintendent wishes to introduce. This will give Almoners a greater focus on the pastoral side of their role and encourage them to nurture their Companions and follow up absences from meetings, even perhaps in advance of the Chapter Convocation and so to be aware of any issues which may cause difficulties in attending.

A useful seminar with good feedback from the attendees and the session will be repeated at Yenton Masonic Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 25th January.