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Royal Arch Open Evening

posted on 06 January 2016


Knowle Masonic Centre (KMC)

Royal Arch Open Evening - 6.45pm Tuesday 19th January at Knowle Masonic Centre (KMC)

Knowle Chapter, No. 8001 will be hosting a presentation on the Holy Royal Arch on Tuesday 19th January at KMC. This is intended to introduce this Supreme Order to non-Exalted Master Masons in Craft Lodges that meet at KMC or at any other venue.

The evening will be an informal explanation of the Royal Arch that will allow attendees to decide for themselves if they would like to complete the journey through Pure, Ancient Freemasonry.

The Chapter will hold its own quorate regular convocation at 6.00pm, which will comprise only essential business. Most of the Companions will remain in the bar to welcome and entertain the visitors. At 6.45pm, visitors will be welcomed into the Temple which will remain fully furnished as a Chapter room, but with the Pedestal covered.

A presentation will then follow that introduces :

  • - the origins and history of the Three Craft Degrees and the Royal Arch
  • - how and why the Royal Arch completes Craft masonry
  • - what the Exaltation ceremony involves and teaches
  • - its presence at KMC
  • - the furnishings of the Temple
  • - the Companions' regalia
  • - the Officers
  • - what membership entails in practice

The Chapter will be having its usual Festive Board afterwards. Visitors are most welcome to stay for this and chat further with the Companions or to leave after the presentations. I shall confirm the dining fee and menu soon, but the fee will be in line with the KMC norm.

Please will Brethren wishing to attend, advise E Comp Jeremy Mallin via his email address
E: jeremy.mallin@btinternet.com (indicating if they will want to dine) or call him on 07947 299794.

This will be of interest to your non-Exalted Brethren and will assist them with their advancement in masonic knowledge. Brethren who are already Companions, especially Royal Arch Representatives, Mentors and Preceptors are of course most welcome to attend.

Royal Arch Open Evening