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Lodge Royal Arch Representatives’ Annual Meeting

posted on 10 December 2015

Chapter Lodge

Welcome by E. Comp. John L Saint MEGS

The annual meeting of the Lodge Royal Arch Reps was held on 28th November at Knowle Masonic Centre when 60 attendees received the thanks of the MEGS for their attendance and ongoing efforts on behalf of the Province. He expressed some disappointment that more Lodge Reps had not been able to attend this important meeting and stressed that the key points from the presentations should be sent to them.

Paul Wheeler, the Provincial Grand H led the meeting with contributions from the DepGSupt John Handley. The key discussion as well as taking stock of the current situation regarding membership also focused on the attraction of Brethren to the Royal Arch through improved communication, use of Social Media and the various presentations made to Brethren in a Lodge, notably the Talking Heads initiative which had already been proved to be successful.

Many thanks to all the RA Reps who attended what was an interesting and informative meeting.


A copy of the Power Point Presentation used is available (in Grayscale due to the file size) for downloaded HERE.

Introduction by E.Comp. Paul Wheeler, Prov. G.H We value your commitment and work you do in your Lodges