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Senior Provincial Officer Appointments Announced by MEGS

posted on 05 December 2015


Senior Appointments Announced by MEGS

At the recent Past Principal’s and Principals Dinner on 26th November held for the first time at Kings Norton Golf Club, after reviewing the year to date and highlighting the key events that have taken place, the ME Grand Superintendent followed the usual tradition by announcing the new Provincial team to be appointed at the Annual Convocation in July 2016.

He was pleased to confirm that E. Comp. John Handley, P.G.Swd.B. would continue as Deputy Grand Superintendent.

The current Second Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, E. Comp. Paul Wheeler, P.G.St.B. will be reappointed for a third year.

As Third Provincial Grand Principal the Grand Superintendent was pleased to announce that E. Comp. David Evans, P.G.St.B. will be appointed. David was Provincial Grand Treasurer for six years and is well known throughout the Province for his involvement in the Talking Heads presentations.