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Exaltees Annual Meeting

posted on 30 May 2014


Coventry Masonic Hall

The annual Exaltees’ Meeting, which has now become a well established and popular event, was held at the Coventry Masonic Hall on 22nd May 2014 and saw 24 recent Exaltees supported by 21 Principals and members from their own Chapters attending. The content and format of the presentations are aimed at new members but anyone was welcome to attend and support this meeting and enjoy meeting with other Companions as well as learning something new as well!

A key part of retaining new members is to ensure they develop an understanding of the ceremony and history of the Order. Through informal, but comprehensive presentations, designed to ensure a greater awareness, it is hoped that new Companions will be encouraged to retain their interest and progress in the Chapter.

After a welcome and introduction by the ME Grand Superintendent there were presentations by the Executive and the Provincial Principals outlining the history of the Royal Arch, the layout of the Chapter room, the offices of the Chapter together with the meaning and historical significances of the ceremony. An informal buffet afterwards enabled the Exaltees to meet with the Senior Officers of the Province and chat informally and ask any questions about the Royal Arch with them.

Ensuring a solid foundation of knowledge in the early years of membership is an important part of the retention of new members and as such is important to every Chapter. The change of venue to Coventry brought about by the uncertainty regarding Stirling Road did result in a good attendance from the local Chapters so next year’s meeting will possibly move to another venue in the Province.

A splendid meeting which was very informative and enjoyed by those attending, especially the Companions who had been Exalted as recently as April!