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Linwood Chapter Star Speaker Meeting 8th April 2015

posted on 22 March 2015


E Comp Yasha Beringer

There is still time to book in for the next meeting of Linwood Chapter, believed to be the first Royal Arch Research Chapter in SGC, which will be held at Knowle on Wednesday 8th April 2015 when the Guest Lecturer will be the internationally renowned masonic speaker E Comp Yasha Beringer. P.A.G.D.C. E Comp Yasha is one of the most well known and accomplished speakers on masonic matters and his talk which is entitled "Royal Arch and the Charter of Compact" is his original material.

Yasha is well experienced in addressing a wide range of audiences from Collectors' Clubs to Banking Institutions as well as masonic meetings. Lectures, normally illustrated by power point presentation, cover a selection of themes and subject such as the World of Collectables (including Alternative Investment aspects) Coins and Banknotes, Old Maps and Playing Cards, the Titanic and the History of Freemasonry and famous Masons.

All Companions in Warwickshire and Worcestershire are encouraged to attend what will be a special and memorable meeting.

Full details of the timing, menu and cost with a booking form can be downloaded here.

Linwood Booking Form Details