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50 Yr Certificate for E Comp Jimmy Higgs of Fortior Chapter

posted on 23 February 2015


50 Year Certificate for E Comp Jimmy Higgs of Fortior Chapter

The 19th February meeting of Fortior Chapter No 6172 provided the perfect occasion for E. Comp James Joseph Higgs, P.Prov.G.Reg. to receive his Certificate commemorating 50 years continuous service to the Royal Arch, particularly as it was fifty years to the day since his Exaltation into the Chapter.

The Chapter had invited the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E.Comp. John F R Handley to attend and reprise E.Comp. Jimmy’s Masonic career following which he would present him with his certificate.

E.Comp Jimmy spent most of his childhood in Warwickshire and after being called up to do his National Service in the Army where he ended up in the Pay Corps., which was not bad training for someone who would end up as a Regional Director for Midland Bank, he resumed his career with the Bank in a small branch in Lye before progressing his career to senior levels in the Bank.

After being invited to join he was duly Initiated into Loyal Standard Lodge No 498, based in Worcestershire, in December 1952, was Passed and then Raised in the following September and November. He received his certificate for 60 years Craft service in 2012.

E.Comp Jimmy was Exalted into Fortior Chapter No 6172 on 19th February 1965 but, due to his moves around the country pursuing his career, he did not succeed to the Chair of Chapter First Principal until 1993, some 27 years later. He received Provincial Honours in 1998 with appointment to PProvAGSoj and then, in 2005 he received promotion to P.Prov.G.Reg.

With many visitors from the Provinces of Worcestershire and Staffordshire making this a special night for E.Comp. Jimmy, everyone in attendance enjoyed a wonderful presentation by the Deputy Grand Superintendent. Having received his Certificate E.Comp Jimmy responded accordingly and was afforded much merited applause by all those in attendance.