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“Janitor’s Card” and “Setting the Scene ”Consultation

posted on 05 December 2014


“Janitor’s Card” and “Setting the Scene ”Consultation

An explanatory card known as the “Janitor's Card” has been introduced in a number of Provinces recently and is used to explain to the Candidate, before he enters the Chapter Room, the scenario that he is about to enter and his place in the ritual to be enacted. The text printed on it should help the Candidate to understand ‘where he is ‘historically and who he represents in the ceremony’ when the hoodwink is removed, revealing perhaps the most magnificent, unforgettable but also confusing sight in Freemasonry.

The overall aim is to contribute to the education of new Exaltees and to minimise confusion. The method of delivering the content to the candidate has to be agreed – should the Janitor just give a copy to the candidate to read before he enters the Chapter? Should it be recited to him by say the Principal Sojourner?

Additionally, a similar card known as The The Exaltation Ceremony – Setting the Scene has has also been developed which explains the various stages in the Exaltation ceremony, but this time designed to be read to the Companions in the Chapter Room to aid understanding.

The ME Grand Superintendent wishes to consult with the Companions in the Province and receive their views on the best method of introducing these aids. They will be demonstrated at the General Chapter of Instruction Festival but feedback will be welcomed from any Companion. If you have any comments regarding these developments do please email the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp John F R Handley on: deputygsupt@royal-arch.org.uk

The card's can be downloaded by accessing the links below and any feedback you have will be gratefully received.

Janitor's Card

The Exaltation Ceremony – Setting the Scene