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Warwickshire Benevolent Fund

posted on 05 December 2014

Chapter Charity

Photograph of E Comp R Michael E Irving, P.A.G.Soj

At the recent Principals' and Past Principals' Dinner one of the question asked related to the Royal Arch benevolent Fund –“what is the purpose and aims of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Warwickshire Benevolent Fund" , to which the President of the Fund, E.Comp. Michael Irving responded. E.Comp. Michael referred to a leaflet that had been recently produced for this very purpose.

The document can be viewed and downloaded by following this link Provincial Grand Chapter of Warwickshire Benevolent Fund.

E.Comp. Michael expressed his wish that every Companion in the Province would receive a copy over the next few months. He further explained that the principal aim of the Fund is to make an occasional though substantial donation to a non-Masonic charity based in Warwickshire to benefit the wider community.

Although we are currently looking at a further project, he appealed to the Companions to encourage other charities who fill our criteria to approach us if they have a specific project in mind. The Fund’s Trustees would visit that charity and, if thought appropriate, the charity would then be required to make a formal presentation to the Management Committee in support of their application.

E.Comp. Michael then thanked the Companions for their generous support of the Fund over the past 11 years, during which time £76,000 has been donated to four charities. He concluded by expressing the hope that that support would continue so that in turn the Fund could support those charities who are looking after those certainly less fortunate than ourselves.

by Fred Ditchfield, Provincial Grand Almoner.