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Four Acting Officers in Leigh Chapter

posted on 07 November 2017


Derek Hughes, John Emms, Mike Hogarth, Simon Grove

The number four keeps cropping up in Royal Arch Freemasonry. The Grand Superintendent is encouraging the Royal Arch to be seen as completion of the Third Degree – a forth degree to some. You have the three Principals plus the IPZ; then you have four risings as well as four knocks; it even gets a mention in the fire at the Festive Board!

Leigh Chapter is very proud to continue in similar vein by fielding no less than four Acting Provincial Officers all holding active offices within the Chapter. E.Comp. John Emms P.G.St.B. Prov.G.H. is our Charity Steward, E.Comp. Mike Hogarth Prov.G.Swd.B. is Scribe Ezra, E.Comp. Derek Hughes Prov.A.G.D.C. is Scribe Nehemiah and E.Comp. Simon Grove Prov.G.Jan. is Haggai.

The Chapter has always been a great supporter of the Province and has often been honoured with members holding acting Provincial rank. It is a delight to see this tradition continued which will hopefully prove to be great encouragement for the junior Companions.

Photo (left to right) Derek Hughes, John Emms, Mike Hogarth, Simon Grove