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Second Grand Principal sends thanks for RCS Appeal Total

Following the closure of the Royal Arch Bicentenary Fund the Second Grand Principal ME Comp George Pipon Francis has written to the Grand Superintendent expressing his grateful thanks for all the hard work and efforts by the Warwickshire Companions in support … Continue reading

New Venue for General Chapter of Inst. Festival – 16th April 2014

The date for this season’s Festival is 16th April 2014 and in view of the changes at Stirling Road this year’s event will take place at Atherstone Masonic Hall.  For those that have not visited this venue it is a splendid … Continue reading

First Principals’ Chapter Secure Bristol Demonstration

The First Principals’ Chapter No 4538 have a good reputation for bringing high quality speakers and demonstrations of great interest to enable the Warwickshire Companions to enjoy the meetings of the Chapter.  The forthcoming meeting on Wednesday 14th May 2014 is no … Continue reading

2013 Bicentenary Appeal – Thanks from RCS

The ME Grand Superintendent E Comp John L Saint, has received this letter from Professor Norman Williams, President of the Royal College of Surgeons expressing his thanks for the way that the Province, as well as others, responded to the 2013 … Continue reading

Annual Church Service at Coughton – 23rd March 2014

The Annual Service for Companions and their families will again be held at the beautiful Parish Church of St. Peter, Coughton, near Alcester, at 3.00 p.m. on Sunday 23rd March 2014.  E. Comp. The Reverend Stephen J Cooke will again … Continue reading

Principals’ and Past Principals’ Dinner a Success

At the recent Past Principals’ and Principals’ Dinner on Thursday 28th November 2013, after reviewing the year to date and highlighting the key events that have taken place and initiatives being launched, the Grand Superintendent followed the usual tradition by … Continue reading

RCS Bicentenary Appeal Total nears £70,000!!

As the Royal Arch Masons 2013 Bicentenary Appeal nears its closure at the end of the year the latest update sent to the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, E Comp David Satchwell has confirmed that at 31st October 2013 the donations made … Continue reading

Brethrens’ Evening hosted by Shakespeare Chapter No 284

Chapters are encouraged to link with Craft Lodges to host Brethren’s Evenings and create awareness of the Holy Royal Arch and its place in Pure and Ancient Masonry.  These are successful in generating interest amongst those Brethren who attend and … Continue reading

Principals’ and Past Principals’ Dinner – 28th November 2013

One of the most important event in the Provincial calendar will be held on 28th November 2013 and will follow a similar pattern to previous years, with an informal dinner after which the Grand Superintendent will announce the important appointments and … Continue reading

New Provincial Grand Scribe E appointed

The ME Grand Superintendent’s announced at the Annual Convocation in June that E Comp Rex Lowin was standing down as Deputy Grand Superintendent at the end of the Convocation and that he intended to appoint E Comp John F R Handley, … Continue reading