Warwickshire Royal Arch Masonry

Warwickshire Provincial Grand ChapterMy aim is that Exaltation should be an aspiration of every freemason rather than just another order to join and that becoming a freemason involves four steps, not three.

Whether or not you are a member of the Holy Royal Arch then this website aims to provide you with all the information you will require to understand what is Royal Arch; what it does; why should I Join the Royal Arch and what to do when you decide to join.

The site also contains all you need to know about the Warwickshire Province and all that is going on including details of our various charitable giving and charity schemes.

There are regular updates in our Latest News section and please visit the site regularly so as to stay up to date and to learn about what is going on across the Province.

If there is anything not covered but where you need further information, then please email scribe@royal-arch.org.uk

E Comp Philip L Hall
Most Excellent Grand Superintendent